The PPP Unit is a Specialized Unit within the National Treasury established under Section 8 of the PPP Act 2013.

The PPPU serves as the secretariat to the PPP Committee and is responsible for the systematic coordination of all the PPP projects review and approval process, geered towards promoting the flow of bankable, viable and sustainable projects that further the National Policy on PPP.

It is the specific responsibility of the PPP Unit to assist each contracting authority to identify, select, appraise, approve, negotiate and monitor PPP projects throughout their life cycle.

The scope of the Government’s program for PPP is the creation of new infrastructure, and the expansion and refurbishment of existing assets such as:

  • Power generation plants and transmission/distribution networks;
  • Roads and bridges;
  • Ports;
  • Airports;
  • Railways;
  • Inland container depots and logistics hubs;
  • Petroleum infrastructure, such as storage depots and distribution pipelines etc.;
  • Water supply, treatment and distribution systems;
  • Solid waste management; and
  • Social infrastructure for health care, prisons, education.