SECTOR : Health

Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation

  • The Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation provides guidelines for priority areas in helath, in line with the strategic framework provided in the Medium-Term Plan 2008-2012 and the wider health sector
  • The Ministry has a mandate to support the attainment of helath goals of the people of Kenya by implementing priority interventions in public health.

Unlike infrastructure where consumers can pay the bulk of the cost directly to providers of services, health PPPs are typically funded completely by the government rather than through patient payments.

This makes fiscal affordability and government creditworthiness more important and challenging issues in health PPPs.

The GoK intends to develop a framework for private sector participation in health services and identify areas where private sector would bring in efficiency. These areas include:

  • Design, Build, Finance: This would involve designs, building construction, supply of medical equipment and capital financing.
  • Provision of non-clinical services such as ICT equipment & services, maintenance, food, laundry, cleaning, billing.
  • Primary care: Primary care, public health, vaccinations, maternal & child health.
  • Clinical Support Services: Laboratory analysis, diagnostic tests, medical equipment maintenance.
  • Specialized Clinical Services: Dialysis, radio therapy, day surgery, other specialist services.
  • Hospital Management: Management of entire hospital or network of hospitals and/or clinics.

In order to undertake PPPs in the health sector in a more structured manner, the health sector is developing a private sector participation framework to determine to the area, scope and extent of private sector participation in the health sector.