The two key institutions in the Ports sector are the Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) and the Kenya Maritime Authority (KMA).

Kenya Railways Corporation has been responsible for inland lake ports but this responsibility is being transferred to KPA.

  1. Kenya Ports Authority (KPA)
  • KPA is established by the Kenya Ports Authority Act 1978, which grants it powers to construct, operate, and maintain beacons and other navigational aids as well as construct new ports.
  • Section 12 of the Act empowers KPA to enter into an agreement with any person, whether within Kenya or elsewhere, providing for the carriage of passengers or goods by or on behalf of the Authority and of that person under one contract or at a through fare or rate.
  1. Kenya Maritime Authority (KMA)
  • KMA is established by the KMA Act, 2005 with the mandate to regulate, coordinate and oversee maritime affairs both at sea and inland waters.
  • KMA is expected to enforce an effective regulatory regime on all waters under its jurisdiction for security and safety, protection against pollution and promotion of local participation.