PPP Petition Committee Guidelines

The PPP Act 2013 at section 67 establishes a Petition Committee to receive and resolve all complaints touching on the procurement of a PPP project in Kenya. As a tribunal, the Petition Committee is bound to observe the rules of natural justice with the view to promoting procedural fairness and transparency, as well as the broad objectives of Article 50 of the Constitution of Kenya. To support the attainment of these public policy objectives, rules of procedure intended to guide the work of the Petition Committee, as well as complainants and respondents to any preferred dispute, have been developed and issued for the guidance of the general public and the investing community. These rules have been published for general public information and as a guidance to any participant in any PPP project procurement.

"The Petition Guidelines can be downloaded on the following link - http://kenyalaw.org/kenya_gazette/gazette/volume/MTA4OQ--/Vol.%20CXVI-No.%20124#GAZETTE%20NOTICE%20NO.%207435"