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Why it’s justifiable to proceed with Nairobi Expressway and KNH PPP Hospital

By Moses Cherono The recent launch by the president of the construction of the Nairobi Expressway as well as the tender for a concessionaire for the proposed KNH PPP hospital elicited vigorous debate among many Kenyans on the merits of these projects. The debate centered on the project costs, affordability [...]

Screening Kenya’s PPP Projects: Some key considerations to make

By Maurice Pedo, Ph.D In the past few years, privatization has formed a vital part in structural reform in most emerging market and developing economies. While engaging privatization, governments seek to one, realize benefits in economic efficacy due to the ever diminishing economic performance of public institutions and second, to [...]

A new specialized facility at KNH to boost National Healthcare

By Argwings Owiti The proposed hospital, to be established at KNH will be fully funded by a private investor on a Public Private Partnership model The Government will develop a highly specialized health facility to bridge the health infrastructure gap by providing world class quality healthcare services to the citizens [...]