The Standard Media, 16th April, 2020. Motorists have one week to submit their views on a draft regulation that is set to introduce tolls on major highways as early as July this year. The National Treasury last week published the National Toll Fund Regulations, 2020 and a regulatory impact statement laying out the policy case for the cash to supplement the government’s infrastructure budget.

“The regulations establish a centralised and mandatory framework on the administration of toll revenues in Kenya and impose a charge for every person accessing a toll road network,” said the Treasury.“The effect of the charge will be to control access to the tolled network, meaning that only those persons that pay the prescribed toll will have the unimpeded right to travel on and through the tolled network.”

The government has for years debated the introduction of tolling on major highways to boost revenue and investor confidence to build the capital-intensive projects.Earlier this year, the National Assembly’s Transport Committee directed Treasury Cabinet Secretary Ukur Yatani and his Transport colleague James Macharia to have a draft Bill on tolls ready for debate when Parliament resumes sitting.The Bill, whose public participation closes on April 24, says the tolls are expected to give parties under public-private partnerships confidence on the State’s commitment to meet its payment obligations.