About Us


1. Capacity Building
In line with its mandate, the Directorate strives to equip CAs with the right competencies to structure projects. In this regard, it implements an annual PPP capacity building plan targeting CAs.

2. Legal Support
Besides supporting formulation of laws and policies on PPPs, the Unit provides legal advice to CAs on operational policy matters. It also makes recommendations to CAs on litigation matters surrounding PPP projects.

3. Knowledge Management
The Directorate is a resource and knowledge repository on Public Private Partnerships in the country. To provide this service to stakeholders, the unit maintains a Library and PPP Registry.

4. Project Development
The Directorate provides technical assistance to Government Agencies through key phases of project development. Key aspects include preparation, packaging, structuring, approval, through to bidding.

5. Project Communications and Stakeholder Engagement
Stakeholder engagement not only fulfils Kenya’s constitutional requirement of ensuring stakeholder participate project implementation, it also helps stakeholders to align to government policies and promote good governance among decision makers government. On the other hand, effective communication is vital in project management because it ensures the right message goes to the right stakeholders, through the right tactic at the right time hence ensuring project success. The Directorate has a team of communications professionals which CAs are free to access from time to time.

6. Project Monitoring
The Directorate works closely with CAs and project proponents in monitoring the progress of projects ensuring that contractual obligations are met. In addition, it provides mediation support to CAs in situations where bottlenecks surface in the course of project implementation. As part of monitoring, the Directorate generates regular reports on status of Kenya’s PPP pipeline.